-claws at because mah ears; ^>n>^

-used to getting clawed on cause other cats over the years; *w*

-meows because yes; ^owo^

-noms on da cute little ears; owo

-rolls around like cat; -paws at; Yes.

kitteh ;w; -nuzzles;

FINE THEN THE OTHER ONE -is not yelling but was too lazy to fix the key mistake;

xDDD FINE FINE FINE. -tantrum; 
» -hugs;

Leon. Because why not.

D: Aw…. But RE is dead here… xD

adfgafsfd~ fine… If you make the blogs I will. -laughs forever;

…….xD…… Prick. I’ll make ONE. Just one for now.

-gets up; But you see I am trash and was probably off either making/posting icons or making the new blog I was on for about five minutes then walked away from because it was so dead. I should go back to it at some point. I would rp with you though.

-smacks you; Stop. Saying your trash. You’re not. =w=

I don’t know them cause i’m trash. I’m sorry. -jumps off cliff to the pits of hell; I would totally rp with you on any of my blogs even the hiatus ones~ -splatters on floor;

-Uses Phoenix Down cause ya know that happens.; -sigh; Person. =w=
I updated pictures of them not that long ago.. xD

Asdasafsdgafs~ Why don’t you make your other muses a blog?

Eh? Kuroh and Leon? Well….. appearance RE verse doesn’t look good on here. Kuroh? The K verse… well, seems dull on tumblr.. why did I type facebook..?.