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Gives flowers. "H-here you go." Luciole whimpered, hoping the male liked carnations.




Crimson orbs opened as he noticed the blonde handing him flowers. “Ah.. What are these for, little girl?”

Eyelids raised only in interest in the other and her own words. The tough-hybrid Mikaelson has an offspring as well as that offspring lives on a farm. Doesn’t that sound a bit cliche’. Zelman then paused at her latter words. “Friend?” He questioned, this conversation reminded him much of Kotarou. A sly smile appeared on his pale lips as he rested the flowers to the side. “I see. Go ahead, sit down.” He stood up from the couch and went to the far corner only to pluck two cola’s from the fridge. If the other won’t take it, but it’s manners to atleast offer. Returning back he placed a coke can near her. “Make yourself a home then.”


✿—And just like that he dried her tears.  Luciole wasn’t very hard to please, motioning over to abide his wishes, the teenager took a seat on the couch and smiled softly.  Her hands settled onto her lap and she pressed her lips together.  


Eyes followed the male as he walked by.  He pulled out two cans of Cola from the fridge and Luci blinked.  She knew the smell very well.  She never had the chance to taste it, though.  With that, she reluctantly gazed at the can,  Slim digits began twiddling, thinking silently to herself.  

"Thank you for your kindness."  

She responds and reached to take the can into her possession.

He passed a wink in her direction before returning to his seat. Placing a leg over the other he went ahead and opened the tap top and took a sip. Zelman placed his arm on the arm rest as he looked at the blonde before him. “Well, why not tell me about yourself?” Honestly he doesn’t know what to see her as; a perfect tool of the sort that he can use as a spy or something else..

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"Another being wandering in my domain. Interesting. May I ask your name?" The vampire asked, even if he didn't receive it, he could honestly care less. [Thanks for the follow]





//It’s no problem really~ :) And I’m on mobile, so I can’t tag asks, if you decide to send them…//

Cris had been walking down the street to find some drunk person walking down the late night, so he could feed; he does need the strength to do his Demon Hunting job. He made a complete stop once he saw a male in front of him, lavender hues fixated on him, and he stuffed hands in his pockets. “I could be asking you the same thing. Cris is the name…” He said, showing a small amount of emotion.

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Crimson orbs returned, observing the male standing before him. He didn’t look normal at all. It was interesting how lately normal is hard to come by. He disregarded what partially what the other had said. “Ah. Cris. You can call me Zelman Clock.” He introduced himself, calmly.

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Cris had a feeling that this fellow was the same species as him, but he didn’t really care. Maybe if they became more acquainted, then yes, but he was going to be polite for now. “Pleasure meeting you Zelman. Such a unique name…” He never heard a name as such.

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He was somewhat surprised that someone was able to keep up their mannerisms. Unlike Cain; he would most likely be barking around orders and how annoying the redhead was to him. That mutt is only tamed when Sei is around. The imagine made him smirk; obvious fang was seen. “Unique, eh? Maybe during this timeline, I suppose. But we were given to what we were born in a life.”

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